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    I joined Insperity in September 2020 to truly support small/medium size businesses & nonprofits to help them succeed, so my community can prosper. My mom was a social worker for over 30 years, and she has the best heart I have ever known. I chose to become a Business Performance Advisor, because I have learned from my mom's experience that providing people with the dignity of a job is one of the greatest things you can do to help a person. If small/medium size businesses thrive in my community, the entire community will thrive. I have built my book of business on referrals & relationships throughout my career. As a BPA, I want to be a trusted advisor, guide, coach & mentor to America's best small/medium sized businesses & organizations. I have also spent the majority of my community involvement & volunteer hours of my professional life committed to helping our military Veterans & their families while they transition from military into civilian careers/life. Insperity has a long history of philanthropy across America with a main pillar of it's giving focused on military Veterans & their families - very special connection.
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    Grew up in Minneapolis, MN with my brother Josh (3 years younger) Ron (Father - CPA) Rita (Mother - Social Worker)
    Started at George Washington University in Washington DC
    Finished Undergrad at University of Maryland College Park (Government & Political Science, Minor: Business Management)
    Studied in England for a year abroad - University of Kent, Canterbury UK
    Research Intern for President George W. Bush immediately following 9/11 in West Wing of the White House
    Volunteer Intern for Congressman Jim Ramstad (MN-3)
    Keller Williams Realty (4 years in Arizona)
    Worked for the Owner & Family of the Arizona Diamondbacks MLB Team
    Owned at full service Staffing & Recruiting Firm - Integrity Employment in Minneapolis
    Worked for Jewish Family & Children's Service of Minneapolis - Development (Individual/Corporate)
    Worked at Wells Fargo Bank as a Personal Banker (Small Business Banking)
    Small Business Marketing & Business Development Consulting in Austin, TX
    Worked for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee in Houston - Associate Area Director for Austin
    Worked for North Shore Steel (family owned & operated steel service center) here in Houston
    Joined Insperity in September 2020

    I have 3 year old daughter and 10.5 month old son. Live with my wife Marisa here in Bellaire of Evergreen.
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    HR / Benefits / Payroll / PEO
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    Business Performance Advisor
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    Baseball, Country Music, Weightlifting, Exercising, Travel, Horseback Riding
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    Here’s a short video about “My Ideal Referral” (Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Nonprofit Leader, C-Suite Exec, HR Manager, etc):
    ( Video Link: ) My ideal client truly cares about their most important asset...their people. They understand the need to focus on revenue generating activity, and get out of the time draining HR admin/compliance side of the business/organization. They are a Premium buyer, and want to implement cost containment for stability & budgeting/planning purposes. Their business has sound business practices, are profitable and looking to go from Good to Great (J. Collins).

    We can help small/medium businesses in most industries ranging from professional services (engineering, accounting, law, marketing), medical practices, finance, IT/Computer, Management, Consulting, Manufacturing, Wholesale trade, Retail, Construction. Best fit for core referrals have between 5 FT W-2 employees on up to 150 FT W-2 employees, but we have an amazing Middle Market Division (been around for over a decade) to service clients with 150+ up to 5,000+ FT W-2 employees for our flagship solution "Co-Employment".
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    United States
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    Always be a trusted HR resource, and strong networking partner for all members as I meet with 20+ Business Leaders every month. I promise to give guidance and advice from a place of honesty, transparency & integrity from our first meeting. Happy to provide a complimentary budgeting tool through our pricing/services proposal process.
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    University of Houston, Executive MBA
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    Typically, my ideal referral has 10+ up to 150+ FT W-2 employees (I can assist up to 5,000 FT employees) with a Business Owner/Executive Leadership who truly care about a business' greatest asset...their people. Our clients come to us looking to help the run better, grow faster and ultimately make more money by investing in their people & systems. We help them in 3 Key Areas of: revenue generation, expense control and net profit protection such as: Benefits Plan Sponsorship (Fortune 500 Level Benefits – Large Group Health Plan); Employment Administration & Payroll (Almost Eliminate Immense Paperwork Burden); HR Related Compliance Services (State/Federal, PPP, etc); Employer Liability Management (Workers Comp, Etc); Employee Performance Management; Employee Training & Development; Recruiting & Outplacement Support (*discounted addt'l cost*); Premiere Technology Platform; And an HR Service Team to act as a businesses fully-outsourced HR department.
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    I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce you to Sam Kelner, who is a Business Performance Advisor with Insperity. I don’t know if your (insert company/organization name) is in need of Insperity’s services currently, but I do believe you both should to get to know one another. Sam works with small/medium size business owners (nonprofit leaders) like you to ultimately drive increased revenue, by managing their risk, improving their productivity and cost containment strategies. I told Sam that you are a leader whom I have great respect for and think you all should connect. I will let you both take it from here.