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    Be Perpetual
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    Businesses, from sole proprietors through Fortune 500 companies, are often unprepared for a crisis to hit their business. I see a need to advise companies with structured business continuity management consulting that will allow them to run a resilient company and repeat the BCM processes on an annual or as-needed basis. My goal is to help a customer create an all-hazards plan to protect their company and advise them on resilient day-to-day business processes.
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    Certified Business Continuity Planner (CBCP) with two decades of experience; MBA from USGC; former defense contractor; editor. I have worked in all aspects of IT systems management, desktop support, and project management before moving into BCM, which gave me the skills to work with IT subject matter experts (SMEs) to create disaster recovery plans. I have worked with Credit Unions, Banks, Water Utilities, and the Department of Defense.
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    Business Continuity Management Consultant
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    Reading, painting, crocheting, knitting, writing ... creating!
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    My ideal referral is a small (10 to 499 people) to medium-sized company (500 to 750) that has been in operation for at least five years. They may or may not have a business continuity program in place. The company will have at least two people assigned to manage its IT functions. They should be motivated to complete the BCM process that arrives at a completed plan that can be tested, BCP processes that can be reviewed yearly
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    United States
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    One hour free consultation to members. Referrals receive compensation!
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    Have you planned to manage a crisis in your business?
    What keeps you up at night?
    Are you willing to look at operational changes to make your company more resilient?
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    Brenda Brown-Paul is an expert in Business Continuity Management across various industries.