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    Tailholt Coffee Co.
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    I want to leave this world a better place than what I am living in at any given point. Whether that is building something with my hands or with my actions.
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    What to tell you about Jay. Well, I am a passionate person. I despise injustice and abuse of others. I am socially minded and desire to stand up for those that can't with a common sense approach to most things. I am fairly simple on the surface but can and do tackle complex issues. I am fairly extroverted but value my private and alone time. If you want to know more I guess you'll just have to ask.
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    My hobbies include, surfing, hunting, camping and generally being outside. My wife and three kids and I love to take adventures and explore and try new things. I also enjoy downtime and rest. My interests are pretty far spread.
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    Rogue River
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    United States
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    Central Michigan University
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    What kind of project do you have?
    Do you have a timeline on when you need to start the project?
    Have you heard of Woodville Construction?
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    Jay Chick owner of Tailholt Coffee Co