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    n2 success COACHING, pwrd by ActionCOACH
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    A number of years ago, I found myself in what most everyone around me would say was a very good spot in life. I had a beautiful family. I had a very successful career in leadership. I was making a very comfortable living. I was healthy and appeared to have the world by the tail. Perceptions are not always reality. I was miserable. I felt my life had no purpose. I felt I wasn't providing the world anything of value. After lots of prayer and lengthy discussions from mentors and influencers, I made the decision to open a business. Fate, as I would later discover, had plans for what that business would be. In the first year, I suffered personal tragedy and disruption in my marriage and family life as a result of the strains of building a business. I learned first hand the importance of having that objective 2nd set of eyes to not only keep me focused in the present but to remind me of the goals I had set. I wouldn't be the coach I am and I wouldn't have the business I have if not for the valuable guidance and support I got from my coach.
    There are some very troubling statistics regarding the survivability and success of business ownership. Business ownership should be a vehicle for better quality of life and open the doors to more opportunity. Never should it have the harming effect it all too often has.
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    Family is the highest responsibility and privilege in my life. My rock and support system is my wife of 18 years, Traci. We have 3 beautiful girls, Katelyn is 32, Haley is 31 and Allison is 18. We are also blessed with 2 grand-kids, Brayden is 7 and Molly is 2.
    I am a believer in Christ and am eternally grateful for the gifts God has given me. I also understand the great responsibility I bear for those blessings. I do not profess to being a perfect man or Christian but through grace and forgiveness, I am saved. I do believe that we are all endowed with spiritual gifts and that our greatest calling should include those. I strive everyday to do just that.
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    Business Coaching
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    President and Chief Growth Strategist
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    Cigars and Small Batch Bourbon
    Hockey (specifically the Dallas Stars)
    Contemplating taking flying lessons
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    Small business owners
    In business at least 3 years
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    Revenues of at least 500,000
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    United States
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    Get a Complimentary Business Strategy Session. 90 min to focus on the top 2 gains you want for the next 12 mos and the top 2 obstacles preventing success
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    Texas Tech University
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