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    Hecht Real Estate Group
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    I am a Residential Realtor who works in the Austin metro and San Antonio markets. I work with buyers, sellers, and investors. My brokerage also does property management in the Austin and San Antonio market.

    I love working with anyone but working with someone who is excited when they purchase their home is the very best! Purchasing and selling a home is a very emotional business transaction and making things happen for them is exciting. With investors, it's different. Helping them to achieve their financial goals and dreams is great. Often after closing on their properties I will list them for lease and procure tenants for them and it makes them so happy to see their own dreams come true. It's truly a pleasure to see people happy.
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    I am super casual and believe life should be fun and stress-free. I take my job seriously though always put my clients and their needs first. Communication is a must. I have an adult daughter that I am very proud of and my husband that is great support. I'm weird in that whenever we go places, I can't help but want to go into houses to look at them, it's the inner Realtor in me. Even when I was young I LOVED model homes. When I was a kid, I would love to play video games that would allow me to create and decorate homes.
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    Realtor, GRI, RENE, PSA, AHWD, TRLS
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    I ride motorcycles and we do motorcycle trips often. I used to be a vet tech and love animals. I currently have a small animal farm in my home. My husband and I love to go on cruises together annually. I also love a good B-movie horror flick! My girlfriends and I love to go on ghost tours on the regular!
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    Cedar Park
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    Anyone who is looking to buy or sell real estate. I love working with anyone who is interested. I love to educate people through the process and will take my time with people. I am not the person who will hard-sell anyone looking to buy or sell.
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    United States
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    Honestly, I like to create relationships with people so I like to ask a lot of questions myself to get a chance to get to know someone and read them. Just knowing that they are looking to buy, sell, or invest is enough. I can likely go from there and start asking questions to see where they are and start building that relationship and show my value to that individual.
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    I am pretty easygoing, Just a "Hey or Hi Renée, I would like to introduce you to _____" works for me. Whatever people feel most comfortable with. Kind of let me know what they are looking to do, I can take it from there.