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    Davis Agency LLC.
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    My "why" is to help people protect what matters most to them, vehicles, homes, businesses and lives.
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    As a Washington native, I have spent my whole life in the Puget Sound region minus a short stint in New Jersey for boot camp. I am a veteran of the United States Coast Guard, I was lucky enough to be stationed here in Seattle where i spent a year prior to developing a hearing loss and being medically released. From the military, I worked various jobs throughout the years eventually settling into the HVAC industry where I have spent the last 14 years prior to entering into the insurance industry.
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    Insurance Agency Owner/Agent
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    Wood working, target shooting, scotch and cigar pairings, hiking, trail biking, camping, evenings at the fire pit with friends.
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    Federal Way
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    My perfect referral is someone or an entity that understands the importance of having an agent and how that personal relationship can not only save money but by having a trusted advisor as life's circumstances evolve.
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    United States
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    Free No Obligation Policy Review
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    University Of Phoenix
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    Who's your agent?
    When was the last time you talked to them?
    How long has it been since you last shopped for insurance?
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    I take a very personal approach to my business, My tagline is "With us, you're family" so an introduction of "Friend" "Buddy" "Colleague" would be appropriate.