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    Niches Coaching & Consulting LLC
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    Everyone is unique, powerful, and has the potential to lead. I believe the world would be a better place if everyone stepped into their power and showed up as their best self every day. I get great joy from helping people and teams to reach greatness through transformation and growth.
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    I am a Global Leadership Expert and an Executive Coach based in Seattle, WA. I am also a true world citizen who brings her living and working experience in Turkey, the UK, Dubai, Austria, Singapore, and the US, to my clients around the world.
    With over 20 years of experience, I am a skilled facilitator for leadership events, strategy sessions, and professional workshops. Prior to founding my own coaching and consulting company, Niches, I have worked for Microsoft in a variety of global roles. These included my work as the Leadership and Organization Director for the Chief Strategy & Research Officer, as well as my consulting role for the Bill Gates Groups when I supported the team through their transition into the Microsoft parent company.
    Before Microsoft, I worked as the Operations Director for C1ME, a U.S. startup in Dubai. In addition to my advisory role to the CEO, I was responsible for the company’s organization development agenda. I was also brought in as the Managing Consultant in Istanbul to help launch the Consulting Division of Nicholson International —a UK-based people consulting firm and HR Consultant for Boyner where she supported the President of the Holding Group of Companies alongside company CEOs in re-engineering, growth.
    I hold a BSc. in Public Administration and an M.A. in Human Resources. I am a Professional Certified Coach by the ICF and hold a wide range of certifications in assessment and delivery tools.
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    Leadership Development
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    Executive Coach and Consultant
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    Food, movies, travel, and socializing. I love to dance and spend long hours chatting about anything and everything with friends. I take a particular interest in human psychology, pop culture, and social issues. Living with my husband, son, and our big fluffy dog I take any opportunity to enjoy the sun.
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    Individuals: high-performing individuals with growing scope, experts developing general leadership skills, entrepreneurial spirits learning to navigate organization dynamics, high achievers who are searching for their next purpose, recovering perfectionists who want more from life.
    Teams: building trust, working through conflict, brainstorming, inclusive dialogue.
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    United States
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    20% off on all assessment debriefs
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    Manchester Metropolitan University, Middle East Technical University.
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    How satisfied are you with your impact at your current work?
    What is causing stress at work?
    What do you need to excel at what you do?