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    After trying everything you can think of, I tried that one more thing and it has changed my life with a Healthy Mind and Body. I wanted to share this gift with others and be a part of their health journey by celebrating victories and helping with struggles. I love getting to know others and loving on them even if they are already healthy or are not ready to start their health journey. My job is so rewarding and positive!
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    I am retired from corporate America and wanted my freedom to work from home. I was looking for a meaningful purpose and I found it! A country girl that loves animals and gardening. I love being a MiMi most of all. I have four grown daughters, one granddaughter and three Grandson’s. Two grandchildren have Cistic Fibrosis and I am the Central Texas representative for Grampions (grandparents of CF grandchildren).
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    Independent Certified Optavia Health Coach
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    Grandchildren, Gardening, dogs, Chickens, Cows and bees
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    FB: BusyMimiCoach. IG: coachkathyturner
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    Liberty Hill
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    A person 13 and older that wants to get Healthy both Mind and Body.
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    United States
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    25% discount to any group members
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    Some College
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    1976 High School
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you looking for a lifestyle change?
    Why do you want to get Healthy?
    Are are you ready to do what it takes to reach your health goals?
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    Kathy Turner