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    WildCat Solutions
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    I enjoy determine how processes work and developing machine controls that improve production and reliability for our clients. This is not a job for me it is a new challenge to be solved.
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    I live in Magnolia with my wife Veronique and we have three children. My career started as an electrician in the steel industry 33 years ago. Since I have work my way up through the ranks as an electronics technician, automation specialist and finally a control system engineer.
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    Someone who is in need of guidance to perform a control system upgrade or new installation.
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    United States
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    1. What issues is preventing you from reaching your production goals?
    2. Do you have a budget to resolve these issues?
    3. Would you be open to speaking with one of my contacts about these issues?
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    Mike McCowan with Wildcat Solutions is an expert in industrial control systems. He can help resolve any issues you may have at your plant.