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    Oasis Landscape and Design
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    I have always wanted a career that involves helping people meet their goals. I have done landscaping work off and on since I was in high school and as an adult it was something I always enjoyed and had a natural aptitude for. I decided this was a great opportunity to take something I love doing and use that to combine my other passions to build an amazing company!
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    I have been married to my beautiful wife Bonnie since 2010, and we are blessed with two amazing boys! We have lived in Liberty Hill since 2015, and in the Austin area since 2012. My wife is a NICU nurse at St Davids Medical center, and I was also previously in the medical field before making the decision to build this company. I got very burned out in that environment over the years, and love the change of pace and scenery that this profession affords me!
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    Landscape design and construction
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    I still love to do landscaping at home (believe it or not), and i also enjoy building tings using wood an metal when i have some down time. I spend as much time as i can with my boys since they are still young and actually want to hang out with me, especially since they are both into sports. I love to take my wife out when we can sneak away for a date night! Other than that we like to travel a few times a year.
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    liberty hill
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    We specialize in new construction and remodels with just about any type of outdoor living. We love to work with client in all stages of this design, from the ones who know exactly what they want, to those who have absolutely no idea.
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    United States
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    I will offer a 7% discount to NIA members
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    mcmurry university
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Where are you located? - we try to stay within 45min of our home base
    Is this a new project or a remodel of an existing project? this will help me decide how much time the meeting will likely take
    Do you have an idea of what you are looking for? this will also help me plan our first encounter
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    Hello, this is Jeremy from Oasis Landscape and Design, he will be happy to help you with your project needs!