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    Jason Theriot Consulting, LLC
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    I seek to preserve legacies by documenting the history of people, families, businesses, and organizations. This passion ("Make History By Preserving It") is rooted in the idea of passing on traditions and stories from the past to inform and educate those in the future. And when it comes to conducting research for litigation support, I want to find the truth that is typically buried deep in the historical record.
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    Jason P. Theriot Consulting, LLC was founded by Jason P. Theriot, Ph.D., an author, historian, and consultant. He earned a doctorate in history from the University of Houston and a degree in journalism from Louisiana State University. Additionally, he is a former Energy Policy Fellow at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. As a professional historian, Dr. Theriot has authored numerous publications, including "American Energy, Imperiled Coast: Oil and Gas Development in Louisiana’s Wetlands". Dr. Theriot specializes in family memoirs and company histories. He writes, edits, conducts oral history interviews, and makes Life-Story videos for families. He teaches American History and Energy classes at the University of Houston and hosts the Frenchie Podcast, which features his interviews with the Cajuns of World War II. Dr. Theriot lives in Houston, TX, with his wife and two children. He spends most of his recreational time in the marshes of coastal Louisiana.
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    Research Historian
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    Hunting, cooking, and watching LSU football.
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    Owners of second-generation-owned companies who want to preserve their history; retirees or family of retirees who want to document his/her storied career; business owners and professionals who want to document their story in a short Life-Story video; law firms in need of a Subject Matter Expert in cases requiring a deep dive into historical and archival research.
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    United States
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    Ph.D. (History) University of Houston; BA (Broadcast Journalism) LSU
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Have you thought about preserving your story in a memoir or Life-Story video with a professional historian?
    2. Does your company or family-run business have traditions and a legacy to be documented, recorded, and shared with others?
    3. If matters of litigation, could your client benefit from the services of an expert research historian in finding historical documents, archives, and public records that might date back many decades?
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    This is Jason Theriot, Ph.D. He is a professional historian and author with an expertise in research, writing, video interviewing, and story telling. If you need a historian for hire, this is your guy.