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    C&E Property Management, Inc
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    Why, I enjoy spending time with my family and helping others do the same. Leave the stress of pulling permits to me so you can concentrate on what matters most, your customers. I use my skills and tools to find people of interest or properties. Thinking of investing or joining a partnership? Invest with pease of mind. I run background checks on business and owners, looking for judgements, liens, etc. Know who you are giving your money to.
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    I am married and have two adorable girls. As a detail oriented and focused Project Manager, I offers extensive years of experience supporting senior executives as an invaluable partner and catalyst to their success. I am skilled in project planning/execution, budget management, business development, and strategic planning. I am confident that I can add significant value to your business and welcome the opportunity to discuss my offerings with you. From registering your DBA, Inc, LLC to pulling all the necessary Licenses/Permits to run your business.
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    Permit Expeditor
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    Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Playing Basketball, Football, and Baseball. I enjoy spending time with my daughters.
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    Del Valle
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    Small Business Owner, Investors, Accountants, Comercial Real Estate Agent
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    United States
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    Do I need a Permit? How can I apply for a license? What do I need to apply for a permit/license? How can I find a person of interest?
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