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    Above and Beyond Data Center Services
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    As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, it is our duty as a society to keep up or get left in the dust. Even as a young boy I have always been technologically savvy, and I felt great satisfaction when family members would ask for my help troubleshooting their tech problem. That same feeling carries with me to this day. I enjoy providing beautifully installed structured cabling with professionalism that leaves the customer comforted.
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    Telecom Services
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    Managing Partner
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    Golf, Home Renovations, Video Games, Music
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    My perfect referral would be customer that is in need of structured cabling for their offices, apartments and commercial properties. Walking through our process with the customer from start to finish and watching their body language relax as they feel they're in good hands, is one of the greatest feelings in this business.
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    United States
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    We can lower our technician's hourly rate from $85/Hour to $70/Hour for members of the group.
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    University of Houston
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