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    Network In Action - Operating Across OHIO
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    To make the world a little better and brighter by serving those around me, and adding value in a powerful way!
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    Dr. Steven Crane is a serial entrepreneur and United States Marine Corps veteran known for high-performance coaching and helping people break into the next level of their life. He has 100+ professional certifications and licenses, countless executive education programs under his belt, and multiple doctoral degrees.
    As a veteran who experienced homelessness while transitioning out of the military, Dr. Crane has a proven track record of successfully building and running companies focused on supporting and advancing people’s professional careers. His overall mission is to conquer limiting beliefs, introduce a world of possibilities, and ensure no warrior is left behind.
    Dr. Crane is a highly-respected advocate of the veteran community, dedicating 2,500+ hours of mentorship and volunteer work and delivering over $1.5B in benefits to veterans around the world. His work has been featured at NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS, MarketWatch, Digital Journal, Daily Herald, USA Today, and Bezinga. He remains a lifelong learner and continues to share his expertise and wisdom with others.
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    Author | Speaker | Coach | Community Builder
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    Reading, Traveling, and Networking
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    A Networking Group Like No Other!
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    United States
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    1-on-1 Business Coaching & Consulting
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    Doctor of Education in Organizational Change & Leadership - University of Southern California
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1) Do you own a business or are you self-employed?
    2) Are you looking to join a group of like-minded individuals who help each other make more money and have a great impact on their community?
    3) Do you have a servant's heart and have an abundance/growth mindset?
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    I wanted to introduce you to Steven Crane, who helps businesses thrive here in Ohio through his networking groups and professional coaching! Steven is always looking to connect and serve fellow entrepreneurs and business owners in the area, so I thought the two of you should connect!