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    Rogue Haven Digital Ad Agency
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    I'm passionate about helping others, it has always been something that brings me fulfillment in life. With small businesses being the backbone of every small town, I recognized the need of digital advertising for those small business owners. I love being able to create meaningful connections between small business owners and their customers through social media platforms whether it be helping improve their current social media or helping with their digital advertising needs. Social media is HUGE, and it's an amazing tool for business owners to stand out from the larger companies.
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    I was raised in Southern Oregon, however I have lived around the country and overseas for many years. When living in New Mexico I was introduced to online sales and digital advertising. It was an entire new opportunity for me which has led me to open my own digital ad agency. I am passionate about what I do, and also gives me the ability to help businesses nationwide.
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    Digital Advertising
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    Hiking, My dogs, Camping, being outdoors, paddle boarding, spending time with family.
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    My perfect referral would be an existing business owner who is ready to start implementing digital advertising through their online platforms to attract more customers.

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    United States
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    Are you trying to grow your business online?
    Are you getting the results with your online effort?
    What is your ideal target audience?
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