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    Building relationships with owners and c-suit to educate/inform the ever changing platform of employee benefits.This will provide them with strategies to move the needle on health care/benefit spend, and help them grow by attracting and retain top tier talent.
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    Employee benefit consult at USI, advising on capital-efficient insurance and benefit planning. I have been in health insurance and benefits for 7 years and love strategizing and consulting to have positive effect on bottom line while helping employers attract and retain employees.
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    employee benefit consultant
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    trail running, cycling, weightlifting and spending time with family
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    Colorado Springs/Denver
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    Mid Market Company (50+ lives) looking to have a solidified employee benefit strategy that has transparency at renewals and is has data driven decisions with quantifiable results.
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    United States
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    Free Underwriting review along with bench marketing studies
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    Minnesota State Mankato
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    Does your employee benefit consultant provide transparency in your employee benefits and renewals?
    Are your employee benefits attracting and retaining top employees/Do you know what your competitors benefits look like comparatively?
    Have you justified your benefit strategy and keep up with compliance?
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    I’m person/zoom/email/phone call