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    Rainier Title
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    Throughout your life you run into people who believe in you and support you. That can be family, good friends, or even a stranger that has become your mentor. Either way, they believed in you at some point and gave you their advice or a helping hand. I give my best because I cannot let those people down.
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    I was born and raised in Bakersfield, California but attended college in Duluth, Minnesota to play division 3 football! As much fun as that was I moved to Washington state with my family which has been life changing!
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    Account Manager
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    - Cars (Formula 1)
    - Going to the gym
    - Marvel Moves (kind of a geek)
    - Spending time with my family
    - Learning more ways to become financially independent
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    Piere and Thurston Counties
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    My perfect referral would be any Realtor/Broker or Loan Officer who wants a one stop shop for all of their real estate needs. Whether that is more information on the title and escrow process, finding more information about a property, or experiencing the best quality of service. I am your go to person!
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    United States
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    The College of St. Scholastica - Duluth, MN