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    JW Dedicated Wellness Solutions, LLC
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    Everyone has the right to be as healthy as they'd like to be. For some individuals their drive and actions aren't calibrated, which can lead to feelings of burnout, decreased confidence, and overall negative attitudes towards their wellbeing. I'm driven by the 'chase' of helping clients align their drive and actions, creating a solid body-mind connection which directly supports their wellness goals.
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    I'm an energetic advocate of wellness who is dedicated to improving the wellness of the clients I have the opportunity to work with. My services range from posture / mobility consults, diaphragmatic breath work, health routine consults, and individualized wellness programming. My goal is to educate and give my client's applicable tools and resources which grow their body-mind connection, confidence, as well as overall attitude towards health. Everyone is the right to be as healthy as they'd like to be.
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    Wellness Coach
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    Preventative Wellness Problem Solver
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    -Creating Memories with my Family
    -Strength Training / Exercises
    -Wim Hof breathing
    -Writing / Performing Music
    -Primitive Camping
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    Austin, Texas (United Share)
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    Clients who are interested in exploring the benefits of posture / breathing training, goal setting, and body mind awareness. Individuals who are open-minded and interested in incorporating daily behavioral patterns that directly support their total wellness goals.
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    60 minute free mobility consults
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    Oklahoma State University (B.S.) / Oklahoma State University (MPH)