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    Safety Solutions (TruWatch)
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    I'm passionate about protecting people and saving lives. Home fires are one of the top causes of in-home deaths. It is the one that we can do the most about preventing. The current industry does a poor job of protecting people from in-home fires. My goal is to give people peace of mind and ensure they are safe.
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    I spent years working in a blue-collar job. I switched from that to teaching computer networking for a private college. Both jobs had great rewards. I discovered that it is the people that make the job, who you work with, and who you work for. My experiences taught me a lot about the world around me and the people I met every day. This varied background is wonderful and has allowed me to move into the next phase of my life.
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    Solopreneur, partner and sales
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    Meeting new people, going new places, discovering new things. I have told my kids that if I stop learning, they should bury me; if I'm dead, that is a plus. Hanging out with my kids and family, going for a walk in the woods. I love people, but I also value alone time. Getting to know God better is number one on my list.
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    Curious people who are willing to look at things that are not the status quo. People who believe that there are better things in the marketplace than what we find on store shelves. For home fire safety, the status quo is very scary.
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    United States
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    10% off
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    BS, Augsburg College, BA Cornerstone Bible College, MS, Education Minnesota State University, Mankato