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    Embody Coaching
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    I have spent the vast majority of my life desiring to love myself and just could not connect my head to my heart. When I found the tools of conscious language and body language translation what I discovered is that there is an easy way to heal the pain of our inner wounds. With these tools, my coaches and massive love for myself I have become masterful at forgiveness and building a life that I love. I was a victim and I am a Victoress and I choose to share what gits have been given to me with others so they too may walk in the Greatness of who they truly are.
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    Andrea’s background includes 15 plus years as an educational instructor and department director, and she has over 10 years of sales in corporate America. After five years of studying, doing her own healing work and teaching in consciousness Andrea left corporate America desiring to share what she had received in her own recovery from Victim to Victoress.
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    Life Upgrade Coach
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    Crafting and painting, cooking. I enjoy time with my friends and my family. Cooking and going to the gym.
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    United States
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    Our Lady of the Lake, MBA
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Do you believe that everything happens for a reason? Are you living in the what happened or the glory of the reason? Would you like to discover how to live in the reason?
    Are you stressed out and or feel frustrated by life and that it feels so hard, that this is just the way life is? Is your body also beginning to exhibit symptoms of dis-ease or do you have pain. Are there dis-eases that run in your family history? How would it feel to discover the root of these and move them from burden to blessing?
    Have you had years of typical forms of therapy and still feel unhappy or that there is still more? How would you feel if you let go of all of the negative talk in your head?
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    This is Andrea, she is a life changer. Andrea is a trauma informed victim to Victoress informed life upgrade coach. She has found her purpose and mission through her life experiences and walked herself home into forgiveness and self love. If you desire to completly change how you feel about life and your experiences she is well versed and practiced. She lives what she teaches and walks the walk every day.