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    Embody Coaching
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    I have experienced a miracle of being free from a life of seizures and medication through the tools I have been trained in. I continue to live in these tools (system) and share, so that others can be free from what has been holding them back from truly loving and living life. Our emotional past and beliefs can be transformed for permanent joy in life. Play with me in my tools and you can return to the joy of life!
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    I am passionate supporting companies and individuals to move in a dynamic way from their source of weakness to living and working in their strengths. My emotional intelligence programs support in moving from their individual pain and stress into their complete ease in work-life balance.

    In 2020 I experienced my own work-lfe balance miracle. After 32 years of medication controlled seizures, I am seizure free and medication free. Doctors explained to me that stress activates my seizures. On a mission in 2018, I began my life coach training in pure speech and sacred body language. I began learning about stress in my body. It was during this training that I realized these new tools were giving me balance. I began to understand that this was my path to health. And I knew then that with these tools companies could empower their employees to return to their health. When we experience our health and balance we are more productive which leads to success for individual employees and the company at large.

    I have a BBA in Business with a teacher certificate. I was a software trainer in the corporate world for five years before I transferred my teaching skills to become a certified yoga instructor and meditation teacher. In 2010, I opened a yoga studio and began creating and implementing training programs that would support individuals in creating work-life balance.. In my continued passion of balance, in 2019, I sold my yoga studio and jumped into becoming a certified Life Upgrade Coach to enable me to support people world-wide.

    As a Life Upgrade Coach I have begun developing customized Emotional Intelligence programs to support work-life balance in the corporate world.
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    LIfe Coaching
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    Life Upgrade Coach
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    Swimming, walking, playing games with my family, furniture painting, hoola-hooping, watching my boys play sports, playing with my dogs
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    An individual that desires to transformation. Someone that understands their ARE emotional patterns underneath what is happening to them in daily life and desires to transform ALL patterns.
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    United States
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    Free Body Language Translation Sheet
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    Stephen F. Austin State University
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    If everything happens for a reason, are you alive in the reason or the experience of what happened?
    Do you feel tired or stuck?
    Do you believe their is MORE to life than what you are experiencing?
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    I am a Life Upgrade Coach, You have upgraded your phone, your computer, your car, your wardrobe AND have you upgraded your life. I support people in living their highest choice, living in the true reason you have experienced "everything happens for a reason". If you choose to live life BIGGER, STRONGER, FULLER--Let's connect.