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    The Monochromatic Touch
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    Regina's why is to help busy business owners and entrepreneurs to produce profitable events for their clients and prospects. She specializes in conference planning, networking events, mixers, galas, and corporate events. Regina uses her artistic gifts and her analytical skills to create memorable experiences that WOW the audience.
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    Regina is a natural artist, gifted creator, and elite multitasker whose talents manifested throughout her upbringing. Growing up the youngest of 7 children in Galveston, Texas her family was far from wealthy. She in turn reported to a pencil and paper. From writing poetry to sketching objects in her notebook she discovered her innate ability to draw and create at levels beyond what her age would suggest. By the time she entered Jr. High, she’d already received an award from the mayor himself in a drawing contest. That moment sparking an interest in the world of art she ventured to any and every style of expression. As things would go, she’d go on to earn her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration-Management from the University of Houston, followed by a 10-year career in corporate America. She climbed the corporate ladder landing her in the Office of the President directly under the Vice President for fraud investigations. With the stress of a corporate journey, art then became a hero to her mental health. In this time understanding her gifts and realizing her purpose she gravitated towards opportunities to display her abilities. Being a woman of many talents, it was only a matter of time before they began making room for themselves to manifest. Leading off with the birth of The Monochromatic Touch, LLC a custom design and crafting business built upon the foundation of honesty and ethics regarding the client. She is also in the business of Event Management, Regina cultivates her fixation with organization, attention to detail, and creativity to provide clients with top-of-the-line services. Regina’s Custom Design, Administrative Support, and Event Management services eliminate any form of stress her clients could encounter. In return, creates a space for them to focus on the moments that matter most, while she takes care of everything else. 
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    Event Management
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    Art, Travel
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    themonochromatictouch com
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    University of Houston
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