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    From my own health journey, my doctors wanted to prescribe and not find the source. It took me years to uncover the source of the inflammation my body was going through. Toxins were being held in my body. Doctors are not educating their patients on how they got the toxins and how to get them out. I want to help others to resolve the pain and get their life back. It is truly an emotional and physical issue.
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    I was knocked down hard by Rheumatoid Arthritis caused by Lupus while taking care of my 3 young children; Jennifer, Brandon and new born Suzanne.

    Like many of you… I was so proud to be a mom and put everything into the raising of my children. I wanted to hug them everyday. They put such a big smile on my face. I prided myself on the kids always being clean, fed right, and happy.

    So you can imagine how I felt when my life flipped upside down and my body could not function the same. I struggled to close a couple of buttons on my daughter’s dress to go to school, open containers that were previously open, or even put on shoes on a cold day.

    In my late 20s, every morning I woke up to the school alarm in total body pain like I had been run over by a truck. My joints were stiff and my muscles hurt like I had the flu. My 6 yr old had to carry my 4-month-old up and down the steps. I could hardly get up and down the steps myself. It would take me all day to stretch out my fingers, arms, and legs to function. That didn’t reduce the pain. I hated to go to sleep at night because I knew I had to do it all over again.

    I wondered how seniors in their 80s with arthritis could deal with this pain every day. I did not want to live that long.

    How this unfolded… I was driving my 3 kids to the beach for 2 weeks. About halfway into the trip, I felt like I needed to get out and walk around the car. Stretch my legs and arms. It felt like the air conditioner had been blowing on my shoulder and it seemed stiff. I checked the baby in the front seat and walked back around the car.

    As the week went on, I started to show more signs of stiffness, nothing I had ever had before. It was suggested to lay in the sand for warmth, it didn’t work, just got worse. Before the end of the second week, I was calling a doctor.

    My first initial call with a Doctor was not encouraging. Here it was July and I am on vacation getting worse and hearing the assistant tell me I could be put on the schedule in Oct! Are you kidding me? I told her she needed to “find me an appointment or I will kill myself!” Those were the exact words coming from a mother in pain unable to take care of her kids. My husband worked long hours in our business and was up earning and home late having no idea what I was going through.

    First, they put you on over-the-counter medications, and then as I complained that it was not helping, they put me on prescription drugs. Eventually, I was put on prednisone and by late fall Hydroxychloroquine. Hydroxychloroquine took several months to work, but it worked and put me into remission.

    We didn’t have the internet back then and the only medical book I had was for babies. Under Lupus, it said “Death”. I felt like I was doomed, but the Doctor assured me that there were many women on Hydroxychloroquine for years and doing well.

    BUT it didn’t end there! I was told to not eat inflammatory foods like hotdogs, eggplant, and red meat. Years prior I had already given up red meat and fried foods. I started studying more. Especially how in the world did this happen to me!

    To date, I have been on hydroxychloroquine for 32+ years with no pain or side effects. A couple of times I went off the drug thinking I was fine, but the arthritis would come back faster and stronger. I learned, just take the pill that many servicemen and women take for Malaria.

    Without the drug, I would have been in tremendous pain every day. Pain creates stress amongst other things. I am grateful that I was able to drive carpools for school, attend the kids sporting events, help with fundraising events, travel, and even play tennis!

    I continue to educate myself well as others on how we can stay healthy and young. We need to live our best life while we are here on this earth. I want to be that grandmother on the floor playing with the grandkids, and my dachshunds, or running after them on the beach. Not in a rocker having them come to me.
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    Health Coach
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    Autoimmune & Toxicity Coach
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    Tennis, pickleball, StreetStrider, Beach, Dachshund meetups, Co- Founder of Wiener Walk Towson, Raising money for Little paws dachshund rescue as well other local and national charities.
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    On the business side: a professional that complements a Health Coach. Fitness trainer, Chiropractor, Non-holistic/ Bio dentist, physical therapist, massage therapist, holistic practitioners, wedding planners, photographers, small local gyms in and around Baltimore, MD, divorce therapist, professionals that cater to Divorcees.

    As a client: Professional Men and Women 45 to 70 that are open to a holistic approach to health care. Who are interested in prevention as well as solving their mysterious conditions. They see life catching up with them and want the energy and painless movement they had when they were younger. One who says "Diets don't work".
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    United States
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    Free 30 min discovery call -
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    Shepherd University
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Are you having pain/inflammation that you have not been able to get rid of?
    2. Are you sleeping well? Trouble getting started in the morning?
    3. Are you open to a non-evasive easy 7 minute test to find out the stressors in the body and/or the foods your body does not like?

    Disclosure: I am not claiming to be a medical doctor and any testing or advising of treatment is directed toward stressors in the body, cellular support, and anti-aging methods and not to cure a disease.
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    Cheryl Boone is a Toxicity and Autoimmune Specialist, health coach, Certified Zyto Select practitioner from the Trinity School of Holistic Health, and Certified Personal Mastery Coach. Her journey in her own health care has led her to uncover many holistic wellness discoveries hidden from the mainstream. She works on reversing the inflammation and pain in women and men who have been diagnosed as having autoimmune diseases..