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    Kettlebell Lady
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    (509) 433-8971
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    I am a Reclaim Yourself Mastery Coach Kettlebell Lady of Iron Leanne Wylet. When I was recovering from a seat belt injury that had left me disabled and two major illnesses I fell through many cracks over a five year period of time. During this time I discovered there was a need to find the root cause of the why a body doesn't heal because of the bandage approach instead of discovering the root cause leading to healing in the areas of health, fitness and relationships. Let's talk soon!
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    As a Mastery Coach I am now helping others accelerate their growth in the areas of fitness, health & relationships. How much is this costing you physically, emotionally, mentally & with your relationships to remain in pain & discomfort? I know what it is like to fall through the cracks seeking answers that don't come. As a certified Mastery Coach, I help others transforms their lives by identifying their breakdowns on all levels, physical, emotional, mental & relationships so they can return to an active full life achieving what is most important to them. To learn more let us set-up a time for a strategy appointment to see if what I offer is a good fit. To your continued success! Mastery Coach Kettlebell Lady of Iron Leanne at:
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    Wellness Coaching
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    Wellness Coach
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    Photography, video filming, effective use of fitness tools such as dumbbells, kettlebells, sandbags, resistance bands & your own body weight. Spending time outdoors. filming the back roads of Washington state, spending time with family, friends, & colleagues, Having uncharted adventures with childlike curiosity to learn more about others and life.
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    Those who are willing to get uncomfortable with themselves in order to experience transformations in the areas of fitness, health and relationships.
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    United States
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    Mention you are a member of this group for a 10% discount on my coaching services.
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    Central Washington University
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    1. Are they are someone they know experiencing for 3 months or more discomfort/pain from a physical, emotional trauma or an autoimmune condition or illness? Would like a 10 minute Functional Systems Screening with print our of finds to help set-up a safe effective fitness program? 2., Are they seeking a Do It Yourself Video/Pdf series to go at their own pace to increase stability, mobility, increase strength, gain muscle or lose weight? 3. In need of Strength in Numbers Group Coaching or Power of One Individual Coaching?
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    Hello Kettlebell Lady of Iron Leanne, Here is a . . . . referral or question or would you like to network with or . . .?