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    Edina Realty
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    I really enjoy working with people, especially helping them select the perfect property and I also enjoy helping them make their next big decision in life as it relates to real estate. I find that I never tire from helping others but only feel recharged and inspired.
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    I've lived my whole life in the twin cities, mostly south of the river, I went to Prior Lake for high school. I grew up with my mom, and we moved A LOT! More than I can count, and I went to many different schools. I'm glad I had that experience as it has benefited me in my career. I have a very cute and smart eleven (6th grade) year old boy, Heath. He loves to ski right now, not so much on the golf :-).
    I started my real estate career in 2004, when it was booming. I really didn't build my business until that boom was slowing down in 2007, and over the next four years I worked very hard while others quit. I have been named a Super Agent six times and have been in the top 7% or less of realtors at Edina Realty for seven years and have sold over 130 million in real estate. I have a wonderful assistant Nancy, who keeps everyone in line and helps with client events I like to host every year. My office is in South Minneapolis and I work the whole metro area with expertise in the Twin Cities and all of the surrounding suburbs, with a cabin thrown in here or there.
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    Sales Associate
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    Golf! Golf! Golf! I have been a member at Minnesota Valley Country Club for 7 years.
    I love spending time at home with my puppies ( Maggie 6 years and Bruno 3 months!) and my kiddo. In the winter we like to downhill ski while we wait for spring.
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    A friend or family member of yours, or coworker, that needs an opinion or advice in any area of real estate. They may be relocating in or out of town for work, or maybe needing to sell their parents home or move them to a different location or style home to help with their needs. I help a lot of buyers who need a larger home for their growing family. I also help many people with home/ contractor needs, plumbers, electricians, inspectors etc.
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    United States