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    Caliber Group, Compass WA
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    I love anything real estate and I love to help people. Combining the two by becoming a real estate agent has put my two main passions together. At the end of the day, I am fulfilled by the relationships built and the friends I've made while helping people with one of the biggest and most emotional investments in their lives - homeownership.
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    Residential Real Estate
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    Real Estate Agent
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    Music, investing, flipping homes, creating passive income streams in real estate, hiking, traveling and genealogy.
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    Anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home and can get financially preapproved, or an investor who needs assistance with their portfolio. I primarily work in King, Pierce and Thurston counties.
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    United States
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    1. What are they looking for in an agent?
    2. Have they bought/sold properties before?
    3. Would they give you their number so that I may call and follow up?
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    Hi, I'd like you to meet Laurie Mehlhoff. She's extremely knowledgeable about the real estate business. She is friendly and will take the time to really listen. She will go that extra mile for you!