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    The Law Offices of Martin Thomas, PLLC
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    (713) 571-2883
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    (903) 746-7276
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    I'm here to provide the best legal representation to businesses that find themselves in litigation. For most, suing is a last resort, and being sued is worse. I'm here to make the most out of a tough situation and put your business on the best path it can be, as quickly as possible.
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    I'm a light-hearted, witty individual who brings an upbeat energy to all his encounters. I look for creative solutions to difficult problems with a tendency for outside-of-the-box solutions.
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    Attorney at Law
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    Music and puzzles are two things I love, as well as spending time with my family and friends.
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    A small-business owner who is forced to sue, or is being sued over a business deal gone wrong.
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    Baylor University, South Texas College of Law
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    2015, 2019
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    I'm sending you the contact info for Martin Thomas. He is a business lawyer in Houston that I think can help you in this situation. His email is His phone number is 713-571-2883, you can call or text him on that number. He usually responds within 10 minutes unless he's in court or a meeting.