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    Healthy Builds Inc
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    I served in the military for 27 years. When I retired I looked for technologies I could use to improve peoples lives overseas and within the USA. Healthy Builds works in infection control, bio-security, mold, water, fire restoration and odor control
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    27 year Army veteran. Nebraska football fan. Father of six great kids.
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    Manufacturer / Service Provider
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    VP Healthy Builds
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    Work and family
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    Some one interested in improve the quality of life in their business or home, through cleaner surfaces and peerless air quality
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    United States
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    Free evaluation of you home or office 30% discount
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    University of Nebraska / Webster University
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    Do you have mold problems?
    Are you concerned about the over use of disinfectants?
    Are you concerned about indoor air quality?
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    Jim works in mold, fire, and water restoration. He also works infection control issue (hospitals), bio-security(farms), odor control and indoor air quality nationally. Healthy Builds measure what they do so you can see the results. When fighting the invisible, measurements help our clients see we are make a difference. Everybody sprays disinfectant. Healthy Builds delivers results