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    Thought Innovators
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    One of my best friends died the North Tower on 911. He was a great leader, a great human being, and a game changer. I decided the best thing I could do in his memory was to do my best to train leaders to have the same positive impact he had. I've been training and coaching leaders ever since.
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    I'm one of those people that is willing to take risks, not death defying risks, calculated risks. I grew up in the rust belt region of Central New York. The land of no change. I decided that living there would be debilitating to me, because I am a man that embraces change, so after graduating college I moved west and have never looked back. This explains a crazy stat...I have moved 42 times and lived in 9 different states. I've also been someone willing to chase my dreams. I've played international indoor volleyball and professional beach volleyball. I also was a professional golfer and member of the PGA. I put my athletic careers away, for the most part, when I entered the business world. I've had a wonderfully successful career in sales and sales management, and as a general manager, mostly for Fortune 500 companies like Northwest Airlines, AT&T, Nestle Corporation, and in the mortgage world. After the tragic events of 911 I took my catalog of skills, tools, and practical knowledge and began teaching people how to be better leaders and how to resolve conflict in healthy ways. Counter to what most people believe, I see conflict as necessary for innovation. If handled in healthy ways conflict is the world's greatest game changer. I teach people how to navigate through conflict to grow trust, find solutions, and make impact.

    My goal is to have the maximum positive impact on those I lead or I have influence with. This is married to my passion to help people achieve their highest self or what some refer to as the best version of their self.
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    Leadership consulting and coaching. Personal growth coaching.
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    CEO and Owner
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    Music, art, golf, movies, documentaries, being outdoors, travel, and taking long walks on trails. I also love cooking, though I wouldn't consider myself a good cook, just a person with a dead palate.
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    Someone who is willing to change, and willing to invest in their personal growth. A leader who values new perspectives. People interested in gaining new and valuable information. People who are stuck and looking to get unstuck.
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    United States
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    State University of New York
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Are you an owner of a business in transition? If you are you need help making the transition smooth and successful.
    Are you a leader who is so stuck in the weeds (working in your business) that you can truly work on your business?
    Would having a happier culture that communicated better help your business succeed at a higher level?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    Gary is passionate about his work. He has twenty years worth of success in growing leaders and their organizations. His simple clear approach not only impacts the communication and culture at your workplace, it positively impacts the communication and culture of your family too.