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    Human Capital Concepts
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    I've run two small businesses previously and know what it feels like to be overwhelmed at times trying to stay on top of everything. Once I had the opportunity as an owner/president to use the types of services we provide here at HCC, I saw what a game-changer it could be. While I still had plenty of things to occupy my time, getting all of the workload and compliance issues related to employees off my plate was a huge win. I've known our CEO here at HCC for 25+ yrs, so when the opportunity came up for us to work together again, it felt like a no-brainer. If I can help other owners grow their companies better and faster, it's a great feeling.
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    I'm an Indiana native and a graduate of Butler University, where I met my wife. We've been married for almost 30 years and have 4 sons. I enjoy golf, music (mostly 80's and country), exercising, and time with my family. I'm a Nashville newbie, having opened our office here in May of 2020.
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    VP of Business Development
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    Golf, music, exercise
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    Good clients for us tend to be start-up organizations (who may have only a handful of employees to start), more established companies with 10-45 employees, or non-profits looking to better compete for talent.
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    United States
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    Butler University
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    I'm reaching out to introduce you to a colleague of mine, Jeff Hallam. Jeff is with Human Capital Concepts (HCC) and specializes in helping small businesses simplify being an employer.

    His group does this by taking care of all the administrative, regulatory and compliance tasks that come with having a team of employees. Their services shield you from risk in this area of the business and keep you focused on growth. Along with that, they can typically improve the benefit offerings for you and your team, which helps you compete for and keep good talent.

    Whether this is a fit for you in the near term or not, I think you'll find a discussion with Jeff to be productive and informative.