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    Legacy Planners, LLC
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    Generational debt is the fabric of many families' demise. Getting families to the next level can be challenging. The wealth gap is only getting wider and many are left behind. My "why" is to change the narrative of the mindset of how families view money, particularly their own money, and how it can be leveraged to build wealth.
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    Retired NYPD Detective, author, speaker, community advocate, public health researcher, insurance producer, and legacy wealth builder.
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    Wealth builder and traveler
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    Working professionals, entrepreneurs, retirees, law enforcement, firefighters, medical personnel
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    New York
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    United States
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    Financial Planner, consultation
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    Walden University
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    1. Are you financially stable?
    2. Do you have an estate plan?
    3. Are you leveraging your money through insurance?
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    Dr. Vanessa Vielka de Danzine