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    Absolute Business Solutions
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    I was born in St. Paul, Minnesota and grew up in Mendota Heights, MN from the age of 7 on. I loved living out in the ‘burbs’ where we were allowed to run free in the nature that surrounded us on our (and our neighbors) 3 acres lots. I have 5 older brothers and three older sisters. Large families keep life interesting! One of my favorite memories was the ice slide my brothers built down our back hill in the winter. No major injuries occurred – well, at least not as I remember!

    I have over 28 years of bookkeeping experience which grew out of my love of numbers. Yes! Some of us do love numbers. I had the opportunity to work in a variety of industries which provided me with broad bookkeeping knowledge. This valuable experience allowed me to learn that no two businesses are alike. Every business has its unique owner(s) with his or her distinctive dream. I enjoy listening to business owners and learning what makes them tick so my team and I can support them in reaching their business goals in the best possible way.

    I studied in Paris, France where I ultimately fell in love, got married and had my three beautiful children. I lived there for seven years. We moved to St. Paul, Minnesota in 1990 because – as much as I love Paris – I wanted my children to have the opportunity to run free in nature as I did. (This doesn’t happen in a big city!) My three children are grown up now and all three are married. I have two grandsons (Bastien and Otto) and one granddaughter (Everly). I also have two sweet Goldendoodles. Daisy is nine and Beau is just four months old. He is giving me a run for the money!

    I went back to the University of Minnesota to complete my degree in 2016 after having disrupted my studies by my extended sejour in France! I am fluent in French, like to pretend I can speak Spanish, and also studied Italian. You may have guessed, my second love, besides numbers, is languages.
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    Owner of a Bookkeeping Firm
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    Owner and Lead Bookkeeper/Advisor at Absolute Business Solutions
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    In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, friends, and my dogs. I put my health first and enjoy nature walks/hikes, skiing, and swimming among other activities. Since the beginning of COVID, I have become a WIM Hoffer, developing a strong breathwork practice while increasing my resilience to cold. One of my most favorite activities is a spontaneous day trip with my sister to jump into Lake Superior. I also weight train, meditate and continually read, research and apply methods to optimize my mental, physical and emotional health.
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    University of Minnesota
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