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    Network In Action & Breakthrough to Impact
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    With a career in online marketing & scaling businesses, I saw a void in the market for someone to help bridge the gap between online marketing and successfully growing a company. That's why I turned my attention towards helping small and medium-sized business through a growth track towards success.
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    Mike Montes is an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs. Bitten by the digital bug while working as a graphic designer/artist in 2004, Mike has since expanded his experience in digital marketing through website development and consulting. Mike’s goal is to help businesses/organizations determine the ‘why’ as much as the ‘how’ of digital marketing.

    After working on web development & branding for Fortune 500 companies, megachurches, small churches, hospitals, agencies, oil companies, & lawyers, just to name a few, Mike co-founded multiple agencies. One agency worked with clients such as the MLB Hall of Fame, Mike Piazza, the Dallas/Ft. Worth Area Tourism Council, Gateway Church, North Texas Jellystone, Quickbooks, Rug Doctor, and many more. In looking toward a new direction, Mike co-founded EnsureWP, a full-service WordPress Maintenance & Management company with only one goal: offering long-term WordPress care plans for companies who need the peace of mind of knowing their site is well-tended.

    After becoming a digital marketing coach & consultant in December 2019, Mike decided to sell EnsureWP in January 2020 in order to focus on coaching. Even with the restrictions from Covid-19, Mike successfully launched his coaching business with multiple six-figures in revenue in 2020 & 2021. Alongside his coaching, Mike is currently working on three books, published his first book called "Your Breakthrough to Impact" building a YouTube channel, running a PodCast, creating an online education platform for WordPress users, running a ClickFunnels training system & helping to coach and connect Entrepreneurs.
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    Business Coach
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    Coin Collecting
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    A business owner who is looking to generate over 100k in additional profit in 12 months.
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    United States
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    Free 45 minute business assessment where we will find 17k in additional revenue in 45 minutes.
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    Midwest College of Theology
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    Is your business struggling to effectively promote itself online?
    Does your business take advantage of automation to help with growth?
    Can you share your market dominating position in one sentence?
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    I'd like to introduce you to Dr. Mike Montes. He's a business coach with over 15 years of experience marketing, building, and running companies. His focus is on identifying a minimum of 17k in 45 minutes with his free assessment, where he normally finds closer to 100k in revenue that you're leaving on the table.

    Would you be open to jumping on a 15-minute zoom meeting to see if he might be able to help you?