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    WorX Solutions Management LLC
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    (615) 669-6791
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    (615) 336-7094
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    I love giving back and helping others. I have worked at numerous corporate jobs and learned a ton. From these experiences I am able to help small to mid size organizations see the potential they have beyond just what they do today. My goal is to help people realize that time is valuable - you need to treasure it. So use your time to get things done, but also to spend with people you love and care about. So many people get wrapped up in work and forget about their family. My goal is to help people free up and have more time for the fun in their life
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    I graduated from Indiana State University the year after Larry Bird. Love basketball and all college sports. My wife and I moved to Texas back in 1987. My claim to fame is I was one of the project leads that helped roll out the 1st Island Gas Card reader so people could pay for gas at the pump. We take that for granted today but 7-Eleven, and Mobil worked together on this first project. We kind of changed the world. We then moved to Houston, TX, and Memphis, TN, and finally to Nashville, TN in 2004. I have a MBA from Union University.

    My wife and I live in Franklin, TN. Our son is in Atlanta, and my daughter lives in Chattanooga.

    We are avid walkers, and bike riders. Love the outdoors, and traveling is our past time.
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    Workflow consulting
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    Watching college football, and basketball
    Walking, and Biking
    Helping coordinate the Franklin Christmas Parade
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    Small to Midsize business. Heavy users of Excel spreadsheets, or paper, or have multiple systems that just do not really talk to one another
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    United States
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    25% reduce price on the build out
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    Indiana State University - BS, Union University - MBA
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    1983, 2004
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Are you running your business off of spreadsheets or paper?
    2. Are you experiencing a lack of reporting in a timely fashion?
    3. Do you have systems that do not talk to each other? You have to manually key info from one to another
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    Dennis is the Managing Partner for WorX Solution (WorX) based in Franklin, Tennessee. WorX collaborates with small to mid-size businesses that have a desire to drive efficiency, improve communications and reduce manual processes within their organization. Their tagline is workflow solutions that actually bridge operational gaps!
    Their ideal client is trying to move away from paper/spreadsheets, has disparate systems that don’t talk to one another, has challenges getting mission critical reporting and/or insights from their data. I don’t know if any of these are issues facing your organization but if so, I would recommend having a conversation with Dennis.