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    Central Texas Technology Solutions, Inc.
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  • What is your "why"? Why do you do what you do?
    Many years ago I made a Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal to help 100,000 small businesses achieve success. Earl Knightingale defined success as "the progressive realization of a worthy ideal." I am still working toward that goal.
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    I am an IT Sales Professional selling Managed IT Services for the Healthcare, Legal, Non-profit, Professional Services, and Construction Industries.
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    IT Services and Support
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    IT Business Consultant
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    Boating, Sailing, and Scuba Diving. Pretty much anything on, in or near the water.
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    Georgetown, TX
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    My perfect referral is a small business in the Healthcare, Legal, Non-profit, Professional Services, or Construction Industries, with 5 or more employees who need help managing and protecting their business computer network.
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    United States
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    Free Computer Network Assessment.
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    Southern Methodist University (SMU)
  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Is it difficult to get in touch with your current IT provider?
    Does it take numerous calls to get anything resolved?
    Do you have to call back over and over again when things still don’t work?
    Do you feel like you’re being nickeled and dimed for on-site visits or projects?
    Every time you need help, do you have to work with a new technician who must learn your network all over again?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    I'd like to introduce you to one of my referral partners, Ken Partain with Central Texas Technology Solutions. Ken is an expert in helping small businesses manage their IT and secure their business networks against ransomware, malware, viruses, and unauthorized access. I think you might really like his approach. He told me I could offer the people in my circle a free IT assessment and Dark Web Scan. I thought it might help you with (WHATEVER THEY'RE DEALING problems, poor IT support, etc.)