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    CMG Financial
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    It is an honor to participate in the success of one's dream of homeownership. How I do that is by providing expert knowledge as a certified mortgage planning specialist, and delivering the right loans for the right reasons.
  • About me
    My Philosophy - I am dedicated to providing sound mortgage solutions for my clients and with the
    wonderful, experienced team I have chosen, we are able to deliver exceptional service through an
    enjoyable and easy process. I am committed to maintaining high quality service by providing constant
    communication and sound solutions that will continue long after our clients’ transactions are completed.
    I want the people that come in contact with me to feel so satisfied with our services that they are proud
    to refer their family, friends and colleagues to me and my team. I am focused on being my clients
    financial professional for life. I am also a certified professional business coach providing comprehensive
    “inside-out” methodology for significant and sustainable results to my professional clientele. I surround
    myself with highly experienced professionals in order to assist my clients with additional financial needs
    to help them grow, preserve and protect their wealth. Most of my career before originating loans was
    dedicated to my clients’ financial portfolio management. I am a designated RCS-D - Real Estate
    Collaborative Specialist - Divorce- "Helping to prevent secured debt disasters in divorce real estate and
    preserve home ownership eligibility". I look forward to celebrating with you soon!
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    Sr. Mortgage Specialist - Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist
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    I love to be in the garden and tend to my Monarch Waystation. My hubby and I like to go for motorcycle rides, wine tasting, exploring new restaurants together. I like to paint, although not experienced (paint nights are more my thing). I enjoy a books and reading both fictional and business/personal development.
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    Consumers looking to purchase or refinance residential properties.
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    United States
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    $500 credit towards your referrals appraisal report.
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    1. Have you had a thorough financial review to qualify for your new home loan?
    2. How soon are you wanting to purchase or refinance your home?
    3. What is the best way for Kim Allen to contact you?
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    An email introduction with full contact information is best.