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    NEO Home Loans | Infinite Team
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    Wow where do I begin?... Back in 2005, my wife and I attempted to buy our first home. After several weeks of waiting after the initial application, we were told on the day we were supposed to close, that the lender denied our loan because our credit wasn't strong enough. Being very young and having no clue how mortgage lending worked, we didn't think anything of it. Looking back though, I am speechless in trying to contemplate how a Loan "Professional" could not know whether a loan would work for a client until the DAY OF CLOSING!

    Shortly after this, my wife and both were recruited into financial advising, with the unique factor of also being able to originate home loans. We learned a tremendous amount over the coming years and were shocked by all we came to realize.

    We learned how common it was for mortgage companies and their Loan Officers to take advantage of families. In fact we would see cases of this on almost a daily basis, sometimes even being victimized by so-called "friends & family." Lenders did this through bad loans, high fees & rates, and a lack of education involving one of the largest financial decisions most people make in their lives. This cost people TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars between the up-front costs, over the loan term and in some cases, in the result of foreclosure or short sale because of poor advice.

    My aim was to help people learn how NOT to get taken advantage of in this industry and the more families I met, the more passionate I became about what I could do to help.

    My goal now is to pass on all that I've learned to as many prospective borrowers as possible, to help them save as much money as possible. Although things have improved across the industry now that loans are regulated by the government, sadly these same core problems still exist.

    One family at a time, we're working to completely change the "Client Experience" by truly helping families become "Successful Homeowners."
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    I am the oldest of 5 boys and have always wanted to be older than I was. Starting in 8th grade, I decided to start home-schooling by choice, working through a private school out of California, which allowed me to complete my courses as fast as I wanted. Through a dedicated work ethic and a desire to get out into the world, I was able to graduate high school at the age of 15.

    Following this I began working as a Floor Covering Installer for my father's company part-time, while also volunteering my time as a Bible teacher the other hours of the week. My plan always was that I would eventually take over my father's company, train in my younger brothers and make a good living, all while supporting my teaching work.

    Little did I know that in 2005 I would meet my future wife Ashley and a few short months later, we would both be recruited into the financial advising/mortgage world. I realized very quickly that this financial education work was a passion of mine and had a similar level of joy and fulfillment that I had for teaching the Bible.

    I attended St Paul College for a few years as I learned the flooring business, but over time I recognized this wasn't the career path I wanted to pursue. I did not enjoy having to get up between 4-5 AM, drive through rush hour traffic 1-3 hours each way, in the blistering heat or harsh winter chills, moving furniture, carrying 300LB+ rolls of carpet up and down stairs, removing & disposing of cat urine soaked carpet & pad, and more. As good as the pay was, I didn't enjoy it most days.

    Over the years, I began investing more time in my financial business and limiting my work involving flooring. It was around the end of 2012 that my business began to really take form and I was able to achieve the level of income I had been striving for, to reach my long-term goals.

    Sadly around this same time in early 2013, my father was diagnosed with kidney, then liver, then lung cancer and eventually the progressive stages took his life just 6 months later. Despite this tragedy and the bittersweet timing of events, I am grateful in knowing that had I not made the move when I did to the financial industry, I would have likely had severe financial challenges of my own and I would not have been able to fully support my family following his death.

    All professions have their challenges. However I often say: "The worst day in mortgage lending, is still better than the best day in construction." I have a passion for what I do and have never looked back. I fully intend to retire in this business, doing what I love.

    "If you do what you love, you'll never work a day in your life." - Marc Anthony
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    Residential Home Mortgage Financing
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    Branch Manager & Mortgage Advisor
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    I was born and raised in Saint Paul, Minnesota right by Como Park and currently live in Oakdale, MN with my wife Ashley and our two Siberian Huskies, Thor & Loki. I often run our dogs through our nearby trails to burn up some of that “husky energy,” that never seems to wane. We both enjoy spending time with family and friends playing cards, going to concerts and golfing. Most nights are spent relaxing on our patio, going to the Drive-In Theater with our pups, reading, or watching a show on Netflix. It takes energy to keep up in this fast-paced industry, so we both frequent the gym and strive to eat right for optimum health. We also spend several hours each month on weekends and evenings doing volunteer educational work with families.

    I know when it comes to home loans it can seem overwhelming for many, but I take pride in making things as simple as possible for you. I look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your financial goals! Let's Get Started!
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    White Bear Lake
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    In 2 words - Coachable & Appreciative.

    I can help anyone that is looking to PURCHASE or REFINANCE a residential home.

    No matter how much work is involved to help a family or to solve a need, I will go above and beyond what most lenders are willing to do.

    However I've come to recognize that my time is valuable & I can only help so many clients in a month. The only way we can make the magic happen, is when borrowers listen well & implement the strategies we coach on.

    When appreciation is displayed during the process, it makes all the difference in the world to our team and I, knowing we accomplished what we set out to do - Saving families finances and making them feel good about one of the biggest decisions they will ever make!
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    United States
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    Ultimate Client Experience + FREE Financial Resources
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    Saint Paul College
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.

    1. How soon are you looking to buy or refinance? (In a perfect world, it is best to consult 3-12 months in advance of financing)
    2. How would you say your credit looks? (Excellent = 740+, Good = 680-739, Fair = 620-679, Poor = <620)
    3. Do you have stable & consistent income? (Lenders need to see enough income to support all current & future liabilities)
    4. Do you have a solid amount saved in the bank for emergency funds? (6-12+ months of estimated mortgage payments is ideal)


    1. What are the most important things you are looking for in a true mortgage partnership?
    2. What are your greatest challenges with your current mortgage partners?
    3. Are you working with any wholesale mortgage Brokers currently?

    No matter what they say - the answer is always the same.

    Let me introduce you to David Youngs!
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    An email introduction to BOTH parties, with each person's contact info.

    From experience, I've found that when you give someone a name & number, they rarely will call, even if they're interested. People are busy and sometimes they either put important tasks on the back-burner, or they simply forget. An email introduction helps ensure that we connect ASAP and no time is lost!