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    ONI Media Group, LLC
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    We want to be a part of growing local business!
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    My name is Michelle Branch, and although I am younger, I have many of years working in the film and Videography industry. I have lived in Southern Oregon my entire life, and I will live in no other place. This is my home, and I cherish the community.

    I LIVE and BREATHE Video and Film. I received my BA in Film, Television, and Digital Cinema, and worked for HGTV on local productions for two years at the age of 18 while I was a full-time student with a night job. My colleagues and I started two large organizations at Southern Oregon University that are still going strong today: The Student Film Club, and the SOU Student Film Festival.

    Immediately after receiving my degree, I started ONI Media Group, LLC to help promote local business. Since starting the company, we have created video content for many local businesses, and we proudly work with some larger entities, like Beckman Coulter, who utilize our services to make global tutorial videos on how to use their complex particle counting instruments.

    My goal is not only to create the BEST video content but to educate existing business owners on the importance nowadays of engaging with their new generation of audiences. Everything now is visual, quick, (and with the limited attention span of most audiences) and with the limited time they have to be in a customer's thoughts, they need to make the most lasting impression.
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    I love spending time with my husband William and our fur baby, Shiloh. I manage my own investment properties (which I love talking about my success as a millennial investor). My newest Hobby is going to be a new web series show that I am starting to help younger generations learn about becoming an entrepreneur and investing in personal growth- things we weren't taught at school.
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    United States
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    I'm happy to give a referral discount!
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    Southern Oregon Universtity
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