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    Colony Roofing and Exteriors
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    I enjoy a career that allows me to interact with a wide variety of people while also helping them improve and upgrade their homes. In an industry with too many fly by night contractors, I take pride in knowing I can provide quality work at competitive prices.
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    Born and raised in Katy, Texas, I was also essentially raised in the roofing industry. My father started Colony Roofing in 1990 just before I turned five, and over the following years I spent plenty of summer days riding around to job sites and sitting quietly at people's kitchen tables during sales appointments. When I graduated from Katy High School in 2004 roofing was not on my mind as a career, but after a few years and working for much larger companies the idea of self employment became much more appealing. Luckily I had a prime opportunity right in front of me, so on January 1, 2015 I joined Colony Roofing full time and have enjoyed helping people protect and improve their homes ever since.
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    Residential roofing and exterior contractor
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    Sales and Project Manager
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    I'm a lifelong Astros fan and a recovering musician that only goes to shows now instead of playing them. My spare time is usually spent between running to keep in shape, going out with friends, and keeping my dog entertained. I also occasionally write bad fiction.
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    A perfect customer referral for me is any homeowner in the market for a new roof, siding, painting, or replacement windows.

    Professionally the best references for me are realtors and insurance agents as they both tend to know many homeowners.
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    United States