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(Construction - Fences, Decks, and Home Services) Brent Homan

(Construction - Fences, Decks, and Home Services) Brent Homan

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    Homan Built, LLC
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    I decided to become a contractor because I love to design and build, and I wanted to work for myself. I like to work with natural materials and love the look of wood fencing and decking (though we do install other kinds as well). I like to be able to provide solutions for homeowners and to serve my community in a way that feels good to me.
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    Integrity in my work is important to me. My father started teaching me how to have a good work ethic when I was very young and he invested time into my skill set and encouraged me to be mindful of what I was creating. Now I have the opportunity to work closely with my employees, teaching them new skills and insuring that they produce the level of quality that I expect.
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    General Contractor
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    I'm a history buff, especially military history. I like building model tanks, aircraft, etc., woodworking, wood carving, I am an avid football fan, both college and professional. I love the game of baseball and enjoy watching professional, semi-pro and Little League baseball games.
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    We specialize in wood fencing (though we do other types too) and wood and composite decks. Homeowners desiring privacy, protection for pets or safety for small children. We also love to work with contractors who specialize in new construction. We want to be their premier fence installer!
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    United States
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    Are you a homeowner? Are you buying a new home and need fencing or decking installed or replaced? Are you selling your home and need fencing or decking installed or replaced?
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    Brent is a licensed contractor in the state of Oregon and with years of experience, he is well-equipped to serve your construction needs. Homan Built specializes in fences and decks and certain types of remodels. Let us know how we can help you!