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    Dream Vacations
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    Love to travel and show people a good time! Love making memories that last a lifetime.
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    I grew up first generation Greek in Chicago. My dad is from Zakynthos and Mom from Athens. I was proud to join the Marines after high school and pursued a career as an aircraft mechanic. In 2014 we purchased a Dream Vacations franchise and have enjoyed booking trips for groups, weddings, singles and families. We specialize in River Cruises, Ocean Cruises, All inclusive resorts and custom vacations all over the world. We have booked group trips to Alaska, Caribbean, Mexico, Greece and Italy.

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    Franchise Owner
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    I love history, astronomy, football, concerts, sharks, cigars, Chicago Bears, travel, paranormal investigator, volunteering, cooking and spending time with my friends. I was proud to serve our country as a United States Marine, I'm a Mason, Shriner, Spielzmannszug Mardi Gra Prinz, General Flameous from the 2012 Vulcan Krewe (St Paul Winter Carnival) and served as the board for Fire and Brimestone. I'm also a dog lover.
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    1. Where do you want to go
    2. How long do you want to go
    3. When do you want to go
    4. How many
    5. Budget
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    Iako is a franchise owner with Dream Vacations. He can help you plan a fun vacation anywhere in the world!