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    TLC Premier Mortgage
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    Why I do what I do? I am a problem solver, I have been called the "MacGyver" of loans. I am passionate about helping borrowers and home owners dispel the myths of a Reverse Mortgage. I love to educate people about the benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.
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    I started my mortgage business career in 1993 with Great Western Bank, while there I learned the importance of "make sense underwriting". I know every client has different and individual financing needs and I will use my depth of experience in the industry to customize each client's loan individually. In 1998 I started Premier Mortgage where I quickly grew the business and was awarded the esteemed title of "Best of The Best Mortgage Brokers" in 2001 - 2004. I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in California and we've been successful with buying, rehabbing and reselling properties in Oregon and California. I am also a licensed General Contractor in the state of Oregon. I am married to my best friend and partner Erin. We have 4 rescue dogs, 2 horses and 1 cat. We live on a farm in Rogue River, Oregon.
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    Mortgage Loan Originator
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    I am passionate about helping borrowers and home owners dispel the myths of a Reverse Mortgage. I love to educate people about the features and benefits of a Reverse Mortgage.
    We have a hobby farm in Rogue River that is home to 2 horses, 4 rescue dogs and 1 rescue cat. I am also a Professional Bass Fisherman.
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    Rogue River
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    Home owners or buyers over the age of 62 looking to purchase or refinance - are the perfect referral. When Buying and or refinancing utilizing a Reverse Mortgage. Personal and business referrals are appreciated.
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    United States
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    To educate and help my referral clients with their financing needs
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    Tim Lemons
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    Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo, CA
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    1) Are you looking to purchase a home and you are over 62 years of age?
    2) Do you want to put your home equity to work for you in retirement?
    3) Would you like to tackle home renovations and age in place comfortably?
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    Tim Lemons III, TLC Premier Mortgage, Owner/Mortgage Loan Officer, "Tim is very experienced and knowledgeable about reverse mortgages, home and business loans".