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    Fuse Energy
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    No two days are the same. I work with every type of business from Nonprofits to fortune 500 companies. I have the chance to make a real difference in the "Bottom Line" of a companies expenses.
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    I can't sit still for to long. I spent at least one evening a week with my Masonic Lodge brothers doing charity work or some kind of activity My wife is a Nero ICU Nurse, we have three children from 28 to 13. We take at least on family vacation each year and one with just the "adults" to keep is sane. I couldn't ask for a better life.
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    Energy Professional
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    Energy Advisor and Managing Partner
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    I like archery and compete in target archery often. I took up disc golf in 2020 and like to get out once a week. I am a Freemason and have been for 13 years.
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    Companies that are open to learning and small changes that can make a big impact.
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    United States
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