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    Benchmark Mortgage-The Burnam Group
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    I love helping people and I enjoy educating my clients and business partners about this industry. Guiding our clients and business partners through the best mortgage experience possible is our mission statement and my passion.
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    I was born and raised in Fort Worth, TX and attended All Saints Episcopal School from K-12, and then went on to TCU where I graduated in 4 years with a bachelors degree in Business (Marketing). I got married in 1999 and we moved to Austin in the summer of 2000. I entered the mortgage industry in 2001 and we had our first son in 2007 and our second son in 2012. I joined this current company in 2016 and it's been a true blessing to have found such a great company. My business has quadrupled over the last 5 years after joining a professional coaching program called "The Core." Our motto is to "Make, Save, Give" and we see profitability through accountability.
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    Residential Mortgage Lending
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    Producing Branch Manager and Senior Loan Officer
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    Golf, Travel, Fishing, Fantasy Football, Spending time with my friends and family
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    2 types of referrals are amazing for us, both potential clients and home buyers/owners as well. 70% of our business comes from referrals from Real Estate Agents in the greater Austin area. I would love to meet your favorite Realtor! A great referral for us is also a family who is currently renting an apartment or home and aspires to one day own a home. We work with investors as well, and also close numerous refinance transactions and cash out loans as well.
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    United States
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    John Hay
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    John Hay
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    Texas Christian University
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