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    Video Service Hub LLC
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    I have been a long time lover of all started with watching home videos of myself that my Dad recorded on a giant camcorder in the 80s. Creating video is a joy for me. It's liking finding all the pieces to a puzzle and making them fit to make a beautiful picture. It's a creative, technical, sometimes tedious process and it feels so right that that's what I do. That's why I do it; because I was made for it.
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    I have been a video professional for 20 years. I've had several full time editing jobs, freelanced for years, and now own my business, Video Service Hub. Through the years, I've had my hands in all types of videos: advertisements, documentary, sports features, marketing/sales videos, non-profit work, political PSAs, training videos, small business videos, conference videos and, of course, a handful of weddings. Currently, the major of work I do is for large corporate company's internal purpose such as training and internal communications. Video Service Hub specializes in editing, but we can achieve the entire video production process from conception to completion.

    Secondarily, I have a course (online or in person) that teaches how to shoot and edit video all on a smartphone. This is a great option for a small company who doesn't have the budget for professional production. Phones are very capable of making great looking video; it's just a matter of knowing how to achieve that...and that's what you'll learn in a live workshop with me or by taking my online course at
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    Video Production
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    Owner/Lead Video Creative
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    Playing with my toddler, Boston. When I don't have him at my feet, I like to bike, kickbox, hang out with friends and make new friends. Oh, and make video!
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    For professional work: A mid-level or large corporation who needs internal videos such as training or internal communications. Also, small biz owners who need help with their online marketing presence.

    For teaching: Small business owners who need a landing page video, product videos and/or social media videos. OR a company like a real estate firm who is interested in bringing me in to do a 3 hour workshop to teach their realtors how to shoot and edit video on their phones.
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    United States
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    code: NIA for $200 off the course:
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    Video Service Hub LLC
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    Oklahoma Christian Universtiy
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    Heather Hukari, video professional