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    Avail Marketing
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    I started Avail Marketing because I believe every business (big or small) has a story, and the best way to market it is to tell that story.
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    I started my business in 2016 after listening to the president of a large oil and gas company sell to customers by telling its story. My clients range from startups to large corporations. Whether big or small, I want all of my clients to feel as though I am an extension of their team. I strategically work with clients to create or further develop their marketing efforts to increase sales opportunities. It all starts with the story, and then once we have the story written, we disseminate those messages out to their targeted audience to create sales opportunities.
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    Marketing Strategist
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    Owner, PR & Marketing Guru
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    Gardening & working out
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    The Woodlands
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    Those who see the value of marketing
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    United States
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    $100 off any service of $500 or more
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    University of Houston
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    1. What challenges are you currently facing regarding your marketing efforts?
    2. Do you have a website?
    3. Have you ever worked with a marketing agency in the past?
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    Amanda owns Avail Marketing and is a one-stop shop for marketing, PR and social media! To learn more about her business, visit and then contact her at