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    Providers of Texas
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    Since I could remember I have always wanted to know how things work. I wanted to know because I reasoned once I knew how they worked, I could then know how to fix it. I have always wanted to help people in any way I could which is probably why I went into healthcare at such a a young age. I even attended medical school.

    Although that was not my path, it did show mw that there are other ways I can help people. I hope to accomplish this through Providers of Texas. My goal is to connect and to help as many people as I can through assisting them in their home and connecting them with those that can make their lives better.
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    I am business owner in the Houston Area based out of Northwest Houston. Have worked in Healthcare for over 10 years and in 2020 started a home health agency specializing in Personal Attendant Services.
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    Business Owner
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    Owner and Administrator
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    Volunteering, reading, puzzle building.
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    My perfect referral would be a person who qualifies for Texas Medicaid and needs help around their home.
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    United States
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    Ugo Eziefule
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    Ugo Eziefule
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    Texas State University
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    Do you need help with your daily activities of living? Do you qualify for Medicaid? Do you have someone who helps you around the house?
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    This is Ugo Eziefule with Providers of Texas. He provides assistance to those who live at home and qualify for Texas Medicaid. He would love to connect with you to see if he can help out you and your business in anyway.