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(High-Net-Worth Property & Casualty Insurance) Ryan McKinney

(High-Net-Worth Property & Casualty Insurance) Ryan McKinney

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    McKinney-Green Insurance LLC
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  • What is your "why"? Why do you do what you do?
    I have 2 "why".
    1. I must have a job to support my family. Therefore, I am doing something I really enjoy and it allows me to connect with other people.
    2. I have a narrow niche of risk management and insurance for affluent people because I discovered an opportunity gap within the Nashville marketplace. When I started to transition from large commercial insurance risks to "High-Net-Worth" personal property & liability in 2017, there was not a single expert in the Nashville area. I am still the only firm 100% dedicated to this niche in Tennessee, but 3 other national firms have added qualified experts to serve their commercial clients.
  • About me
    I am married to Genevieve who is the assistant principal at Edmondson elementary school in Brentwood. We have 2 wonderful kids, Bennett (10) and Jennings (8) and a Cavalier King Charles name Huckleberry Hogan aka Huck Hogan.
    My wife and I are both from Mississippi and went to Ole Miss, but we met in Nashville. I love the outdoors especially if "redneck" fun is involved such as hunting or riding dirt bikes. It's even better when watching my kids have good, old-school fun.
    I'm actively involved in the community serving as a deacon at Brentwood Baptist Church, on the board of the Downtown Franklin Association, and on the executive board of the Professional Insurance Agents of TN (PIA).
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    Risk Manager and Insurance broker for affluent individuals/families
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    Hunting, Shooting, Dirt Bikes, Ole Miss football
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    Financially successful individuals/family with a home valued over $1M.

    We include auto, umbrella, jewelry/collections, equine, boats, etc. However, most of the insurance companies we represent require a $1M home to qualify.
    If their agent is local to Nashville or in a call center, it is a bonus point. If they are not insured with Chubb, AIG, or PURE, it's double bonus points. If they are with a company that has a TV commercial (State Farm, Allstate, USAA, Farm Bureau, Nationwide, etc.) it's a trifecta of bonus points!
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    United States
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    University of Mississippi
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  • Qualifying Questions: What are three questions we can ask clients to help pave the way for a referral? List them here.
    Prospect should have a home with a replacement cost of $1M or higher. In middle TN most nicer homes 4000 sq/ft or more will qualify.
    1. You have a beautiful home, have you looked at insuring it with one of the insurance carriers that specialize in high-valued homes over $1M like Chubb or PURE?
    2. Does your insurance broker communicate with your financial advisor annually to evaluate your insurance protection?
    3. Does he/she come see you each year for an annual review?
  • Describe How You Would Like To Be Introduced Via Email
    Hey friend,
    I have a friend that I think you should consider meeting. His name is Ryan McKinney and he owns a risk management and insurance firm in Franklin that works only with clients living in homes valued over $1M like yours. He was explaining to me how insurance companies like Chubb, AIG Private Client, and PURE only insure homes valued at $1M and higher, but their coverage is far superior to what is offered in the mainstream marketplace like State Farm, Farm Bureau, and USAA.

    Would you be interested in connecting with him? There is no pressure but I thought he could be a good resource for you.