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    Home Quest Realty
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    I do what I do to bring joy to my life...among other things. Real Estate has brought a solid foundation to our financial situation and has provided the financial freedom to do everything that we want in life. Now I do it for the connection that I feel to my clients and to my community. As a team we give back to the community through donations to The Sparrows Club, the Phoenix Fire displaced, The Salvation Army and Homes For Heroes.
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    I moved to the Rogue Valley in 1986 with my family. My husband and I married young and have 3 kids...who are all out of college and creating families for themselves. I stayed at home with the kids until the last one started school and decided I wanted to have financial freedom and connection to others in the valley. As soon as I started practicing real estate I knew there was no going back. I'm super passionate about providing an excellent and enjoyable experience. Our Motto is: Surround yourself with those you Love, Respect and Laugh with. We do that every day with the team we work with and the clients we serve.
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    Residential Realtor
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    Principal Broker/Owner
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    Reading, Dogs, anything Tech Related, spending time with my grandbaby.
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    My perfect referral is someone who trusts my expertise and is likely a fellow business owner. I love being able to refer back to the community we create. The ideal client wants a smooth and pleasant experience when selling or buying their real estate and recognizes the importance of relying on a professional.
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    United States
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    Market Analysis - whether you are ready to buy/sell/invest, it's always important to stay educated on your real estate portfolio.
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    Who is your real estate advisor?
    Do you know how your real estate portfolio stands?
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    xxx, this is Ellie George at Home Quest Realty. She is the most skilled Realtor in the Rogue Valley with over 1400 transactions in 16 years. Ellie will treat you with the best of care. Ellie, please reach out to xxx... they are xxxx and plan to xxx. Their contact info is: