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    Chris Spicks Photography
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    I have always seen the world a little differently. People have always commented on how they don't notice the details that I see. I've always been an artist, I still paint, sculpt, design, and photograph. Bringing my eye and technical capabilities, mixed with a creative eye, I take amazing photos for my clients.
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    I grew up in the country, but a large city has always been my vibe. I have traveled around a lot. I have a 62 lincoln continental that I have been slowly working on (you can't tell), I live in a warehouse space downtown, and the question I get asked the most is "when are you going to settle down".. probably never.
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    Photographer, Designer, Creative
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    Lead Photographer
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    Classic Cars, Playing Pool, Aerial Acrobats, Flow Arts, Weird Indie Music, Dancing, Socializing, Tequila, and Odd Business
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    People who love creativity, someone artistic, but who can't do my artform. Perfect referral would be photographing fashion magazine covers, however a family photo can be just as fun.
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    United States
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    If you refer someone, I am happy to offer a free headshot. (more to come as i figure out the group)
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    We handle almost all aspects of photography. Our hurdles are people with no budget or who dont respect that it is an art.
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    My name is Chris Spicks, I would like to just be referred to as "Chris Spicks, a highly creative, versatile photographer who has a team that can handle anything."